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Back Garden

This is a small back garden partly enclosed by a brick wall.

The client wanted to keep a small seating area near the back door and make an area for his dinghy.

The client is away for a large part of the summer so needed a garden that would look after

itself during this time.

The garden had to have a modern feel with visual impact from the seating area and upstairs windows.  An easy to care for garden was required as the client is away a lot and has little gardening knowledge.

The client also wanted to smarten up the front garden, making it interesting yet  requiring little maintenance.

The client decided he would

build the garden himself - the result is a credit to him!

Before …….

IMG_1319.JPG 18 May 2013 (7).JPG 18 May 2013 (6).JPG 18 May 2013 (14).JPG 18 May 2013 (1).JPG 18 May 2013 (13).JPG 18 May 2013 (18).JPG

The view from the patio opens the garden up and the circles (different sizes) compliment the curved wall.  Simple focal points add interest.

The compass and sea washed gravel add a nautical feel.

Railway sleepers, following the circular theme, are used to screen the dinghy and trailer.  There is planting behind which in time will loosely fill the gaps and add interest to the screen.

The view from an upstairs window.

The front garden, very close to the sea, is planted with drought and salt tolerant plants.  It is mulched with sea washed gravel over weed suppressant membrane which helps to retain moisture and suppress weeds and compliments the nautical theme.