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Modern Back Garden


A few years ago the clients installed a pond and planted their garden - mainly with bamboos and a rose.  The rose looked pretty but the bamboos had gone wild!  The clients wanted to restore calm to their garden and start using it again.  They have a puppy and they wanted to able to use their outdoor space again and give the puppy room to play without getting into trouble!

The garden before ........

The clients’ brief was to keep the pond, remove the bamboo, have raised beds and a variety of sitting areas.

Above all the clients wanted to reclaim their garden  and create one which would be calm and relaxing with all year round interest and plenty of planting which could be maintained easily.

Step out from the house onto a patio where there is a seat with a hard- wood top in front of the pond.  A rendered wall screens the bin area and gives access to the pond and pump.

Raised beds prevent the puppy damaging the plants and makes for easy maintenance.

A lawn at the end of the garden provides a seating area which catches the evening sun.

The result - a low maintenance modern town garden for relaxing and entertaining.

15 May 11 (6).JPG 17 March 11 (16) cropped and cleaned.jpg 17 March 11 (18) cropped and cleaned.jpg 15 May 11 (3).JPG 15 May 11 (21).JPG 15 May 11 (14).JPG

The glorious rose has been saved!

Just after planting ......

The garden has already started to mature after only five months!

The clients will buy some new seating and have commissioned a metal screen.

A bit more personalisation and it will be perfect !

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