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Felixstowe Church Garden Design

The shrubs and other plants were getting large and untidy,  maintenance was difficult and the architecture, especially the windows, were becoming obscured.

The Church decided that the best option was to turn this area into a place for people to sit that also would be great for wedding photographs.

The design uses angles to make the area seem bigger than it is and there are raised rendered planters with integrated seats.

Poles with  wire and pulley systems have been added to enable banners to be hoisted between them.

The Church is in the town centre and it wanted people to be able to share and enjoy this area.

The church garden  before ...

Planter with wide coping Rendered blockwork seating and planters Rendered blockwork seating and planters Rendered blockwork seating and planters

A ‘warm’ colour has been used for the seating to ‘invite’ people to sit.

One of the planters has a wide coping so that it can also be used as a seat.

The area is now well used especially

by shoppers taking a ‘breather’

and by people on a lunch time break.  

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Church Garden before ...